Annotated Bibliography #2

20 Jan

Nikolic, I. (2007). House for the homeless: A place to hang your hat. In B. Sunstein & E. Chiseri-Strater, Fieldworking: Reading and writing research (3rd ed.) (pp. 45-54). Boston: Bedford St. Martin’s.

Nikolic explains how struggle can shape an individual’s life. In this situation the author discusses how the struggle of living as a refugee after leaving Bosnia shaped his/her life. This struggle caused the author to begin volunteering in a homeless shelter interviewing homeless individuals at The Ramsey House. She has no known affiliations other than her affiliation with the textbook. The author does not show a bias in her work she is very open-minded in her approach while working with the homeless. The audience is the general public and specifically college students. The book entry is a good source to help show how different life events can shape decisions that individuals make later on. The entry also demonstrates diversity and how people vary in their backgrounds. The audience is the general public and specifically college English students. The publisher Bedford St. Martins is a well-known publisher of various college textbooks. They pride themselves on understanding the necessity of a good textbook because they themselves have been teachers. Bedford St. Martins believes that a good teacher, class, and text has the power to ultimately change the world.


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  1. Stephanie West-Puckett February 25, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    I think so, too. Now make it happen 🙂

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