Groundwork Activity

25 Jan

First, I am selecting Greenville, North Carolina as my field working location. However, East Carolina University is a more specific field working location. I am not sure what specific group at East Carolina University interests me. The idea of multiple cultures working together interests me the most. I feel that later on in my ground working activity I will decide on a group that really interests me.

Second, some of the cultures I am interested in learning more about are the BSU or black student union and also the Caribbean Student Association. Both of these organizations seem to have a lot of history and background that would be very interesting to explore. I feel that the BSU (Black Student Union) would be interesting because black Americans have such numerous amounts of history in the United States and on our campus. However, I have little knowledge about the Caribbean Student Association so that might be a better choice to expand my knowledge base as a student of East Carolina University. The Black Student Union works to implement and protect the university policies that pertain to the black students on our campus so it might be quite interesting to learn about the so called “policy making” that this organization goes through. The organization also promotes social and community interactions with all individuals but specifically black individuals. The Caribbean Student Association provides little information about what their goals are on the ECU campus. They simply state that they want to unite Caribbean students and form a common ground. In order to gain information about these groups I would attend meetings or activities that the groups partake in.

Thirdly, the problems I might encounter are various. Some individuals may feel that it is unnecessary to focus on their group or other groups might become jealous that one group is getting attention and they are not. Individuals at my field site might also struggle with the idea of their group being put in the spotlight for others to learn about. The group might also struggle to open up and share their group with me since I would be considered an outsider. The group members would probably also worry about how I would perceive their group and that it would not be an accurate representation of their group.

Fourth, my place in any group that I study would be an outsider or non-member. The group would probably see me as either a “good guy” or a “bad guy”, meaning that the group might enjoy the attention or they may not want their group being examined like a child’s science project. Whichever the case I am sure that at first the group will question my motives and plans. However, I feel that with work I can shape their opinions of me into positive ones. The leader of these groups that I am interested in is not specified on the East Carolina University website. However, I am sure through my field work I would be able to gather this information. In order to perform some sort of service with the organization I would need to find an activity to complete that would aid the group. This might be handing out brochures to get people aware of what the group is about or it might simply be by spreading their message. Whatever the case I am sure that most groups would love the extra help and extra devotion to their individual group.


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