Dragon’s Den Reflection

1 Feb

I felt this activity was very useful to help me gather more information about the NAACP. The activity also helped me to branch out and discover ideas that I want to learn more about while researching the NAACP. I have documented these questions and ideas so that I know I will be able to gather all the needed information later. The activity also helped me get used to speaking in front of others which will be very useful when I am out in the field doing interviews and other field work to gain knowledge on my subculture.

The posts from Today’s meet really helped me understand what my audience liked and what I would need to work on or elaborate on. The today’s meet posts could have been more useful if my audience put something they did or did not like instead of simply positive feedback. This would provide with and others with critical feedback which would enhance our project research.

I feel that I am ready to work with the secondary sources in Joyner’s general collections. I will be gaining knowledge on the history of the NAACP and also the laws that this organization has impacted. I will be doing this since my focus is on the legal/political aspect of the group, not just their general function. However, in oder to fully understand this subculture I will need to also find general information about the group including: where it was started?, who started it?, why did they start it? etc.


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