DW Box #4

1 Feb
  • Regaurding the NAACP subculture I know very little. The information I know is based on the national organization not our on capus student organization. My current knowledge of the organization is that they work to promote equal rights among all students with a focus on the equity of black students.
  • Currently I have no connection with this subculture. However, I am working to establish connections to get a better understanding of what the subculture is all about.
  • I feel that entering this subculture would not be very difficult. This group seems very open and excited to have others learn about them. However, difficulties may come later as I compile my information. I worry that I may either find too little information or too much information.
  • As of right now I would be considered an outsider. I have no previous connection with this group and no current connection with this group.
  • I would like to learn about their subculture in the greatest about of detail possible. I want to emerge myself within this group and find out what this subculture is truly about.

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