DW Box #12

24 Feb

When looking into my earned privileges and unearned privileges I am extremely shocked to realize just how blessed I am. Some of my earned privileges are my high school diploma, ability to attend East Carolina University, financial aid, the right to vote, and respect from my friends and family. Some of my unearned privileges are a loving mother and family, my health, being born into a lower-middle class family, United States citizenship, English as my first language, a skin color that is not persecuted, and many other things. I feel extremely blessed to have so many privileges compared to other people who may not have nearly as many as I do.

I think this will greatly influence my field work. I will hopefully learn a great deal of insight about what other individuals go through who have either more privileges than me or less privileges. I know that I will probably feel sympathy for those individuals who may have less than I have. However, I also know that I might envy those who have more than me because I have not always been able to have everything I have wanted and because I have had to work harder to gain what I do have. Although, in the end no matter what I learn from my field work I know that I will still be able to say that I am blessed at the end of the day.


One Response to “DW Box #12”

  1. Stephanie West-Puckett February 25, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    I think it would be really useful here to talk about what you began to discuss in Box #8. What does it mean to be a white woman entering a black subculture? How does that position you? What conflicts might arise? How can you bridge that divide? Reflect more on these questions because this is a key element of the ethnography.

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