DW Box #19

23 Mar

I happened to be absent during this Discovery Writing box. Therefore, I completed the assigment with my roommate who is also in English 1200 this semester. I started by being the interviewer. She choose to discuss an artifact that she hadn’t had that long. It was a lunchbox that her parents had given her for Valentine’s day. The lunchbox zips at the top with handles and contains colorful images of apples and flowers. The artifact is monogrammed on the side to say “hugs and kisses”. The story behind her artifact is rather comical. She explained that her parents are very hard to understand. They thought it would be great for them to give her a lunchbox filled with candy when she is a freshman in college. Her main question for them is “why?”. She explains that she has no purpose for a lunchbox what so ever and that it will probably just sit on a shelf in our room forever. To me the lunchbox represents the idea that her parents do not want her to grow up, they are very leary about her being on her own in the world.

When switching roles, my roommate chose to interview me about a ring that I always wear. We discussed the sentimental value of the ring, because my mother gave it to me and because it is engraved with my initials. I think I learned a lot from this process. I learned that it takes a lot of focus and thought when interviewing individuals. Coming up with questions on the spot is a lot harder than creating questions ahead of time.


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