Groundwork pg. 219-220

23 Mar

My first impressions of the group were that they were all African-American. Another impression is that outsiders would not be accepted. I also had gotten the impression from my research that the group focused only on the advancement and equity of colored people. However, I have learned this is not true. Not all members are African-American, outsiders are accepted and appreciated, and the group focuses on the equity of all people. The groups main focus is on the advancement of all people. They like having outsiders interested in their group because it allows their message to spread further.  However, no matter how much they accept outsiders, I still feel like an outsider. Their conversations are directed at members and other than my own questions I am bascially seen as invisible. I feel this is not done on purpose, but is just simply done as a normal reaction that anyone would have when someone new is involved in your group.


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