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AB Source-3 MP #1

24 Mar

Rose High Seniors. [Photograph]. (1960). Retrieved March 4, 2011 from URL (

This image source is from the Joyner Library digital collections.  The images original location was the Daily Reflector, a Greenville, North Carolina newspaper. Due to my research proposal being based on the differences between black schools and white schools this image is extremely helpful. Throughout my research I am hoping to gather multiple images and begin to compare and contrast the images to show the differences. This image will give me an idea of what a white graduating class looks like as well as hints to their environment. When looking at this source compared to others we can already see that this environment with the shiny gym floors and quality picture taking looks more expensive and more “white” than a black school’s graduating class picture.


AB Source 2- MP #1

24 Mar

Eppes High School Graduates. [Photograph]. (1960). Retrieved March 4, 2011 from URL (

This source is from the Joyner Library digital collections. The photograph was originally retrieved from the Daily Reflector newspaper. The date from the negative photograph was May 31, 1960. This source stood out to be because it shows that black and white schools in Pitt County are still segregated. This is very shocking considering that the landmark case of  Brown v. Board occurred in 1954. In the photograph it appears that the quality of education for black schools has increased however, this is not true. The photograph shows the steps and doors of CM Eppes Black high school. This school can give thanks to their greater wealth than other schools to Mr. CM Eppes himself. He worked to better the education of black students. This is also a good image source to compare with other images from both black and white schools to show differences.

AB Source-1 MP #1

24 Mar

African American Bible School. [Photograph]. (1957). Retrieved March 4,  2011 from URL (

This source is from the digital collections at Joyner Library. This is a very useful image source. I plan on using this source to show the discrepancies between the Black schools and the white schools in Pitt County. The image shows the poor condition of the Black school. The source also shows the size of the school house in relation to the amount of students it must house. After a rough count the school house must house over 50 students and the teachers. This image is from the Daily Reflector, a Greenville, North Carolina newspaper. The image was taken on June 22, 1957. This source is very reliable and comes from a noteworthy source.

MP #1 Research Proposal

24 Mar

Recently while doing some research I became very interested in the differences in structures for the Black schools compared to the structures for white schools. During my research I plan on gathering information to show the differences between the amount of money spent on Black schools compared to money spent on white schools. I am hoping to gather text information as well as photographs that can clearly show the wealth differences between these two groups.

I currently have no back knowledge on this issue. I have the general knowledge that there will be great differences between the quality of school houses, but other than that I have no information. I am hoping to learn in great detail the differences between the architecture of the groups.

To enhance my research I will conduct interviews about the subject. Due to the busy schedules of my interviewees these may have to be conducted via phone or email. Other sources will come from internet research and research done in Joyner Library. I am very excited about expanding my knowledge and gaining a better understanding of this subject.

DW Box #19

23 Mar

I happened to be absent during this Discovery Writing box. Therefore, I completed the assigment with my roommate who is also in English 1200 this semester. I started by being the interviewer. She choose to discuss an artifact that she hadn’t had that long. It was a lunchbox that her parents had given her for Valentine’s day. The lunchbox zips at the top with handles and contains colorful images of apples and flowers. The artifact is monogrammed on the side to say “hugs and kisses”. The story behind her artifact is rather comical. She explained that her parents are very hard to understand. They thought it would be great for them to give her a lunchbox filled with candy when she is a freshman in college. Her main question for them is “why?”. She explains that she has no purpose for a lunchbox what so ever and that it will probably just sit on a shelf in our room forever. To me the lunchbox represents the idea that her parents do not want her to grow up, they are very leary about her being on her own in the world.

When switching roles, my roommate chose to interview me about a ring that I always wear. We discussed the sentimental value of the ring, because my mother gave it to me and because it is engraved with my initials. I think I learned a lot from this process. I learned that it takes a lot of focus and thought when interviewing individuals. Coming up with questions on the spot is a lot harder than creating questions ahead of time.

Groundwork pg. 219-220

23 Mar

My first impressions of the group were that they were all African-American. Another impression is that outsiders would not be accepted. I also had gotten the impression from my research that the group focused only on the advancement and equity of colored people. However, I have learned this is not true. Not all members are African-American, outsiders are accepted and appreciated, and the group focuses on the equity of all people. The groups main focus is on the advancement of all people. They like having outsiders interested in their group because it allows their message to spread further.  However, no matter how much they accept outsiders, I still feel like an outsider. Their conversations are directed at members and other than my own questions I am bascially seen as invisible. I feel this is not done on purpose, but is just simply done as a normal reaction that anyone would have when someone new is involved in your group.

DW Box #13

23 Mar

An artifact that is very important to my subculture is their NAACP Apollo night ticket stub. The ticket represents an important part of the group. The event is only an annual event and brings the group attention and also profit. The ticket was one that I purchased to attend the event. The ticket costs $5.00 prior to the event and then $7.00 the night of the event. It may seem small, but for this group some of the smallest things have the greatest effects. I know that I will hold on the this ticket forever. It symbolizes a very fun and interesting event.