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DW Box #12

24 Feb

When looking into my earned privileges and unearned privileges I am extremely shocked to realize just how blessed I am. Some of my earned privileges are my high school diploma, ability to attend East Carolina University, financial aid, the right to vote, and respect from my friends and family. Some of my unearned privileges are a loving mother and family, my health, being born into a lower-middle class family, United States citizenship, English as my first language, a skin color that is not persecuted, and many other things. I feel extremely blessed to have so many privileges compared to other people who may not have nearly as many as I do.

I think this will greatly influence my field work. I will hopefully learn a great deal of insight about what other individuals go through who have either more privileges than me or less privileges. I know that I will probably feel sympathy for those individuals who may have less than I have. However, I also know that I might envy those who have more than me because I have not always been able to have everything I have wanted and because I have had to work harder to gain what I do have. Although, in the end no matter what I learn from my field work I know that I will still be able to say that I am blessed at the end of the day.


DW Box #4

1 Feb
  • Regaurding the NAACP subculture I know very little. The information I know is based on the national organization not our on capus student organization. My current knowledge of the organization is that they work to promote equal rights among all students with a focus on the equity of black students.
  • Currently I have no connection with this subculture. However, I am working to establish connections to get a better understanding of what the subculture is all about.
  • I feel that entering this subculture would not be very difficult. This group seems very open and excited to have others learn about them. However, difficulties may come later as I compile my information. I worry that I may either find too little information or too much information.
  • As of right now I would be considered an outsider. I have no previous connection with this group and no current connection with this group.
  • I would like to learn about their subculture in the greatest about of detail possible. I want to emerge myself within this group and find out what this subculture is truly about.

DW Box #3

20 Jan

Broaching the Issue of Multicultural Education in the Nation’s Classrooms (1989, August 8). In The Harvard Crimson. Retrieved January 17, 2011

 The article discusses the way different cultures effect the college system. The article was written by a student writer at Harvard University. The article describes the many challenges that professors face when receiving some multicultural students. It describes situations in which professors receive students that may struggle to understand the English language. The article also describes the lengths that professors take to better the education of their students. The article discusses a conference that many university professors from across our country and from other countries around the world. No matter where professors may teach the concern to better the education of multicultural students is clearly the same.

A fieldworker might ask questions about current plans to help increase the education of those students who have trouble in the current college system. Research could be done by interviewing various professors and finding out how not only the universities help students, but also how the individual professors work to help their students learn better. Fieldworkers should be sure to represent many perspectives. The fieldworker should represent the opinion of the researcher and also the perspectives of other major individuals who help present your research.

When answering the question “what’s going on here?” A fieldworker should begin doing ground work and interviewing many individuals. The interviews completed in this particular case should include professors and university officials. These individuals could give insight towards the struggle that the universities and their faculty face when dealing with multicultural students. These individuals could also provide information as to the upcoming ideas, plans, and policies that may be enacted to help better the education of multicultural students.  

The fieldworker might also consider actually speaking to the students. The fieldworker could interview multicultural students and discuss the challenges they face within the classroom. The fieldworker could then interview non-multicultural individuals to gain a different perspective towards the education of multicultural students. The opinions of the students would not only aid the research of the fieldworker, but would also provide an inside view for the professors. The knowledge of what multicultural students truly face would really aid university officials and also university professors. With this knowledge professors could gain a great deal of information into what is needed to help students learn.

The sources used for most of the research would be primary sources. These primary sources would include university professors, university officials, multicultural students, and also students with no multicultural background. These up close and personal accounts would add to the credibility of the research and would help the general reader be able to relate to the research.

DW Box #1

20 Jan

When thinking of subcultures I am a part of one particular comes to mind; the mock trial subculture. As a part of the mock trial subculture I have been judged and critiqued. Individuals involved in mock trial are often considered intelligent individuals who enjoy arguing. The mock trial subculture consists of those individuals on mock trial teams or involved in the mock trial process. I have been part of this subculture for around three years now. I began my venture in this subculture by participating for two years as a member of the JH Rose High School mock trial team. We would have practice for two hours a day, three times a week. This was a very time consuming extra-curricular activity. We would eventually compete in regional, state, and national competitions. Now that I attend East Carolina University I help to coach the mock trial team at my high school since I can no longer participate as a team member.

Some of our rituals would include our occasional meetings outside of our practice time to get to know one another better as individuals. These meetings would most often involve us going to dinner as a team. I found some of my most favorite memories to occur during these times. These less stressful situations allow us as a team to truly just hang out and have fun. Other rituals would include riding to and from competitions together and also staying in hotels together when competitions are too far to drive there and back within the same day. These rituals also allow us to truly bond as a team. A team that is well bonded often performs in competition much better than a team who is not well bonded.

As a part of the mock trial subculture we also have inside sayings. Most of these sayings include just simply inside jokes and most often law statements or sayings. Such as my mock trial team went to our state competition and got t-shirts that said “Character Evidence” on the back. To the average person it would be just another t-shirt. However, to myself and my teammates it was a t-shirt that would remind us of the case that we had to present at competitions where the law concept of “character evidence” was very relevant.

As far as subculture behaviors the mock trial team does not act any different than your average individuals. At times we may act more intelligent or more well rounded or even more crazy than the average person. However, in general we are just average people who greatly enjoy learning about being a part of the court systems process. Although, no matter what judgments the mock trial society gets I will always be thoroughly proud to be a part of such a wonderful subculture that helped me in so many ways